COVID Law Updates

Full contact 15-a-side and 10-a-side rugby matches, with scrums and mauls, may resume against other clubs from, and not before, Saturday 7 August.

Key Dates

We are currently in Stage D2.

RFU Community Law Variations

The RFU have published the following:

The video below shows an example briefing to both teams. Note the social distance observed between the referee and players/coaches, along with the fact the referee is speaking to representatives of the team as opposed to the full team.

Example briefing for the community law variations.

Other RFU resources for referees, clubs and spectators can be found here.

Cluster Competition Rules

NLD Cup Competition Rules and Fixtures can be found on this page.


Ready4Rugby is the first form of the sport that is permitted to be played as we emerge from COVID restrictions.

Society Referee Guidance & Advice

To Follow.

COVID Appointments Policy

  1. Referees should not feel obligated to return to refereeing if they are not comfortable. Referees should become aware of, and comfortable with, the risks of refereeing before updating their match availability.
  2. The Appointments team will follow all Government and RFU Guidance.
  3. The Appointments team will appoint referees (of the right standard/level) as geographically close to fixtures as possible.
  4. The Appointments team will try to minimise the number of referees travelling outside of their respective county to officiate.
  5. Referees may be permitted to referee for their attached club for non-NLD and non-Cup competitions.
  6. Referees may be appointed to games one level higher than their current level, or higher with MODO review, in line with existing policy.