Nigel Baxter

From John Bradwell, NLDRURS President:

“I am are sad to share that Nigel Baxter has a rare form of cancer and this has resulted in him having to have a leg amputated and part of his hip. He is now at home having been in Birmingham hospital for many weeks and is now a lot more comfortable.

“If you go to Meden Vale Rugby Club, you may well meet him as he intends to go down to watch the matches when he is able and when rugby has resumed.

“I am sure many of the experienced referees who know him will be getting in contact with him by email. It’s easier for him to respond to email than answer his mobile as with all cancers they make you feel very tired at differing times of the day. It will be a boost for him to know that many of you are thinking about him and his family.”

John Bradwell – NLDRURS President

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