NHS Mind Plan

Now that the days are getting darker and colder, have you got a plan for taking care of your mental wellbeing during the winter months?

Retake this refreshed Mind Plan quiz for a new and up-to date plan with simple tips and expert advice. Whether it’s winding down with our new ‘beditation’ video to improve your sleep, reframing your unhelpful thoughts or learning problem solving techniques, your personalised Mind Plan can help you to find what works for you.

For extra support with low mood, anxiety, stress or sleep problems, visit this website for tips and ideas to help. The little things you do can make a big difference.

(Items taken from NHS / Better Health – Every Mind Matters)

The Loughborough Challenge

The Loughborough Challenge launched on 1 November 2021 as an independently operated challenge open to anyone aged 25 to 54 who experiences issues of mental health or of mental / physical disability.

Inspired by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for young people, it calls for achievements in each of learning, physical activity and social contribution.

It is operated by The Challenge Hub CIC which also hosts The “All in One” challenge for over-55s and “The Charities Challenge” framework for building community around a common purpose and for one-to-one programmes / social prescribing.

As an independent free-standing not-for-profit programme it:

  1. Offers a challenge which is exclusively for – and focussed on the needs of – those eligible and so is not part of a general fundraising initiative (although it may be used as such)
  2. Offers a ready-made infrastructure for small local charities to engage at no cost with a recognised and non-aligned national initiative
  3. Offers a framework open to all organisations – charitable or otherwise – for use in achieving their differing social outcomes (e.g. mental health support in the workplace)
  4. Offers a means for eligible persons to participate in a tailored challenge without first having to become a client or service user of any other organisation
  5. Brings with it membership of The Challenge Hub with its information, encouragement and potential for interaction.

Organisations may wish to mentor participants through the Challenge towards achievements not previously contemplated. We hope that those eligible to register will do so if only to share their past / present learning, physical activity and social contribution experiences to inform, encourage and inspire others.

The Challenge Hub is an Associate Member of Activity Alliance (English Federation of Disability Sport). It is endorsed by College of Medicine and by Public Health England. Its Patron is Dame Carol Black.

Enquiries please to loughboroughchallenge@thechallengehub.org or via The Challenge Hub’s website.

www.theloughboroughchallenge.org    /       www.thechallengehub.org

Global Law Trials

The new Global Law Trials went live on 1st August 2021. An in-depth look at the laws and the reasons behind them is available at the following here.

Please visit the link above and familiarise yourself with the new laws. We will be taking a good look at the trials and how we are going to manage them at the Development Day at the end of the month. 

If you would like to discuss any of the laws, old or new, ahead of the pre-season matches, please get in touch with Fish, Mike Mulroy, Ian Farrell or Godfrey Bancroft and we will happily go through them with you. 

Referee Development Day

On SUNDAY 29th AUGUST 2021 NLD Refs will be holding their first annual development day for society members and club referees. 

The event is being held at Nottingham Rugby, at Lady Bay and will run throughout the day. 

NLD Refs would like to invite all NLD club referees to join us at 1pm to take part in the afternoons sessions, finishing about 430pm.  We are delivering sessions aimed to help referees at all levels deal with the pressures and expectations of refereeing rugby union. The sessions will also look at fundamental basics of match officiating and some of those hard to understand interpretations and how to apply them. 

Over the coming seasons we will be offering training and development for all club referees with no expectation for them to accept appointments from us. This is to help grow to overall quality of match officiating across NLD and to help connect the many club officials out there, doing what can be a very lonely and hard job. 

All interested club referees should email nldsmodo@gmail.com to express their interest in joining us on Sunday 29th August 2021.

Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week

The below content is taken from Erewash Voluntary Action Newsletter. The full newsletter can be found here.

During the past year everyone’s mental health has been challenged by the lockdowns and insecurities. Coming out of what we hope will be the worst of the pandemic, questions, concerns and anxieties remain. This Men’s Mental Health Week we should look at: how can we move forward?

The CAN DO Challenge
There are five days in the working week and there are five ways to wellbeing. The Men’s Health Forum are calling, asking and encouraging everyone to choose a different activity for wellbeing on each day of Men’s Mental Health Week. At the end of the week if you enjoyed it you can always continue with it.

Mental Well-Being – the Society’s aim.

John Bradwell, in his tenure as President of the Society, has been instrumental in driving the agenda of mental health & well-being for all our referees.

This has allowed a group of volunteers in the Society to formulate advice and guidance for our Society and our referees from our work or life knowledge and experiences.

Whether you’re just interested in how to foster resilience in everyday life, after a chat about the ins and outs of mental health or really needing someone to open up to about difficult circumstances or situations, we hope we can help.

We are all volunteers and understand the limitations of our ability and skill-set, however we are here and we want to make it clear you could talk to us if you needed to.

In the next few weeks we hope to publish generic advice and guidance and later on signpost for routes to more expert advice, if required.

Most important of all, we aim to ensure our referees can feel supported and assisted in all aspects of their refereeing journey, whether you are just starting out, returning to refereeing or changing roles.

Whilst John Bradwell has been essential in driving this forward, other volunteers are: Tom Wiles, Steve Whiteside, Paul John & Gary Platts, so please feel free to contact any of us via WhosTheRef.com contact details as and when you need to.

Nigel Baxter

From John Bradwell, NLDRURS President:

“I am are sad to share that Nigel Baxter has a rare form of cancer and this has resulted in him having to have a leg amputated and part of his hip. He is now at home having been in Birmingham hospital for many weeks and is now a lot more comfortable.

“If you go to Meden Vale Rugby Club, you may well meet him as he intends to go down to watch the matches when he is able and when rugby has resumed.

“I am sure many of the experienced referees who know him will be getting in contact with him by email. It’s easier for him to respond to email than answer his mobile as with all cancers they make you feel very tired at differing times of the day. It will be a boost for him to know that many of you are thinking about him and his family.”

John Bradwell – NLDRURS President