NLD Referee Promoted to the PGMOT

Photo of Andy Ashwell

The society is thrilled to share the news that Andy Ashwell has been promoted to the Professional Game Match Official Team (PGMOT) as an Assistant Referee (AR). Having been officiating in the National League Match Official Team (NLMOT) for some time, Andy has been assessed several times in Championship rugby over the last year. His performances have earned him a promotion to the PGMOT, meaning many more appointments to the professional game in the New Year. Seven of Andy’s teammates from the NLMOT have also been promoted, either as referees or ARs.

Photo of Andy Ashwell, explaining his point to the membership at a recent training meeting.

Away from the dizzy heights of the professional game, Andy is on the society’s Management Committee as Chair of Appointments- an important but time consuming role. He sacrifices so much time and effort for the good of the game at all levels and the society would like to congratulate him on his well-deserved promotion.

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