RFU: Law Variations Approved to Lower Tackle Height

RFU produced graphic.

The RFU Council has “voted to adopt the law changes with the new tackle height level from 1 July being defined as below the base of the sternum: The area of the tummy or belly and below.” The full announcement can be found here and all members are encouraged to have a read.

More guidance is expected to be published in the coming weeks which “will focus on helping players, coaches and match officials interpret and apply the law changes”. The RFU announcement states that “a detailed plan of content and training materials for each specific rugby audience is planned with guidance documents, training videos, quizzes and online and face to face training running from May throughout the summer and through into the next season.” The Society training team will endeavour to share these training materials with the membership as promptly as possible and will ensure members have access to extensive training on the changes before July.

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