Mental Well-Being – the Society’s aim.

John Bradwell, in his tenure as President of the Society, has been instrumental in driving the agenda of mental health & well-being for all our referees.

This has allowed a group of volunteers in the Society to formulate advice and guidance for our Society and our referees from our work or life knowledge and experiences.

Whether you’re just interested in how to foster resilience in everyday life, after a chat about the ins and outs of mental health or really needing someone to open up to about difficult circumstances or situations, we hope we can help.

We are all volunteers and understand the limitations of our ability and skill-set, however we are here and we want to make it clear you could talk to us if you needed to.

In the next few weeks we hope to publish generic advice and guidance and later on signpost for routes to more expert advice, if required.

Most important of all, we aim to ensure our referees can feel supported and assisted in all aspects of their refereeing journey, whether you are just starting out, returning to refereeing or changing roles.

Whilst John Bradwell has been essential in driving this forward, other volunteers are: Tom Wiles, Steve Whiteside, Paul John & Gary Platts, so please feel free to contact any of us via contact details as and when you need to.

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