Referee Development Day

On SUNDAY 29th AUGUST 2021 NLD Refs will be holding their first annual development day for society members and club referees. 

The event is being held at Nottingham Rugby, at Lady Bay and will run throughout the day. 

NLD Refs would like to invite all NLD club referees to join us at 1pm to take part in the afternoons sessions, finishing about 430pm.  We are delivering sessions aimed to help referees at all levels deal with the pressures and expectations of refereeing rugby union. The sessions will also look at fundamental basics of match officiating and some of those hard to understand interpretations and how to apply them. 

Over the coming seasons we will be offering training and development for all club referees with no expectation for them to accept appointments from us. This is to help grow to overall quality of match officiating across NLD and to help connect the many club officials out there, doing what can be a very lonely and hard job. 

All interested club referees should email to express their interest in joining us on Sunday 29th August 2021.

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